Biography Resume

Artist’s Statement – It’s All About the Color

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember, and stopped only as an adult when I was traveling cross country by bus and train, working in factories and hotels and trying to make a living. I have been fortunate to work almost full time in artistic endeavors since 2000 when I lived in Yosemite NTPK, and later, in the small town of El Portal located on the Park boundary. Previously, I had only been interested in surrealism, expressionism, and various other isms, and had no experience in painting landscapes. I bought an easel and began working, starting paintings outside and finishing them in the studio. For one year I worked exclusively in pastels, a medium completely new to me at the time.

In the past few years I have become used to painting landscapes in acrylic, appreciating the possibilities for abstraction and vivid and compelling color combinations. All my outside scenes seem to form themselves out of geometric shapes and have a distinct look that I have seen no where else. It just happens- I keep working until I am satisfied.

In addition to these earth portraits, I have gone back to my original interest in creating surreal, symbolic, intuitive images. My methodology consists of reviewing books on mythology, psychology (Jungian), heraldry, alchemy, symbolism, illuminated manuscripts and the history of the Middle Ages, history in general, art and current art magazines, prehistoric art, and various cultural folk traditions. I make notes and have several note books of ideas spanning over 7 years. Sometimes I will use an image as originally encountered, but I often create my own interpretation and synthesis with other images.

I am fascinated by the traditions festivals and rituals associated with the wheel of the year, the changing seasons, and the moments of transition when the veil between the worlds is thin.

My goal is to create great art imbued with the themes of transformation, regeneration, renewal, vitality and relevance.