Espressoism #1
Espressoism #1

ManterBolen plans to participate in the 18th Annual Sierra Art Trails. Two Weekends! October 1st – 3rd and 8th – 10th, 2021. More info coming soon!

ManterBolen Art continues to be represented by Williams Gallery in Oakhurst, California, and is the primary place to view and purchase any of the original art and Limited Edition Prints.

Team ManterBolen is always brainstorming ideas for creative endeavors and publishing opportunities, and we will announce any new art happenings as they arise.

Presently, ManterBolen continues to research medieval illuminated books and alchemical woodcuts and engravings; as well as working on new landscapes, Griselda and Poundcake images, etc. 😀

…Into the Caverns of Tomorrow, with Only the Flashlights of Our Love…
                -Neutral Milk Hotel
I Try to Take it One Day at a Time, but Recently Several Days Have Attacked Me at Once
When Life Gives You Lemons, Don’t Be Afraid to Say ‘No Thank You’

Roaming through the Rooms of Landscape, the Future Forest Awaits. Making the Once Miraculous Seem Abruptly Possible;
I’ll See it When I Believe it.
(It Happens to the Rest of Us.)
Art about Love of Coffee is the New Espressoism.