El Capitan
El Capitan, 2021

Hello! Coming to you live on tape from the Fortress of Semi-Solitude…

Welcome to the ManterBolen artist website.

Nearly all the work is available as a print or a greeting card. Original artworks and certified prints (photographed and printed by David Hoffman) are sold exclusively through Williams Gallery West in Oakhurst, CA.

Or consider the cornucopia of innovative art merchandise from online print-on-demand retailer RedBubble 😀 with layouts prepped by co-collaborator Scott Whipple, who makes ManterBolen’s internet presence a reality.

Come visit us on Facebook, where we post images of Works in Progress (and Chauncey). 🧸

(Beware of)…Mediocrity masquerading as conventional wisdom.
—Dracula, 2013
…use these images to reseed the territory of peoples souls when they have been razed and scorched by literalism, the rationalist lack of imagination, and badly remembered history.
Martin Prechtal, “Long Life, Honey in the Heart”
The warranty on my brain just expired.