Brontosaurus Hug, 2018

10″x14″ image size, matted and framed with plexiglass, colored pencil and acrylic on black paper, Limited Edition Prints available

This is my second mixed media painting/drawing, done in the same style as ‘ The Outing’. Predicated on the happy accident of layering transparent glazes of acrylic over colored pencil, I set out to explore a simple design with brilliant color effects. The figure hugging a dinosaur is loosely based on a scene from the movie Jurassic World. I find the idea of the inter-species hug, bridging hundreds of millions of years, to be compelling.
The combination of colored pencil and acrylic paint does not disappoint. Care needs to be taken when applying paint to paper to avoid warping; even with the base layer of colored pencil, and use of glazing medium.