Cruising, 2018

acrylic on board, 12″x16″, framed in 1″ dark walnut, Limited Edition Prints available

The Griselda and Poundcake paintings are done by glazing multiple layers of acrylic on smooth pre-gessoed board, creating a luminous effect.

These characters are in the process of living their lives… traveling, and I show them as they encounter new situations and moments of reflection. My own purpose and momentum lies behind each image, but I hope and intend that individual viewers will experience their own meaning and personal interpretation.

This part of Griselda and Poundcake’s journey is loosely based on a dream. A little like ‘one hand clapping’ is riding a bike around in 2-3 feet of snow. I want to convey the impression of intense physical effort and activity, combined with a sense of stillness and waiting. The three red birds, the squirrel, and the forest itself, patiently observe the frozen moment.